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So, it seems that I’ve forgotten to blog for the past couple of days. Well, that’s for good reason, generally speaking – I’ve been a busy little bee and working hard 🙂

Ok, maybe not too hard, but you can make up your own mind. On Thursday, we’d had 6″ of snow in the previous 24 hours, so I decided that it was time to enjoy skiing one last time. (Then again, tomorrow also looks like prime weather for skiing!) The slopes were lovely, the place was almost empty, and it was a really nice day for skiing. Zeus was… choppy. Steep, banked powder on an ice base. Wasn’t too pleasant, and I was a little out of control going down there. Hercules, my old nemesis, was even worse – it just had less powder, and more ice. Regardless, I conquered both 🙂

Thursday evening was the start of a 7 week bridge tournament between various US universities. I’m representing Cornell 🙂 We started by playing University of Michigan, and had a pleasant victory. I didn’t think I did anything special, but our teammates played well. The final score (over 18 boards) was 67-24 imps, our way. That is… rather swingy 😉 This was the second time I’d played with the partner I was with, so I was fairly satisfied that we didn’t have anything more than minor defensive misunderstandings. The rest of Thursday evening was devoted to work.

Friday, I had a meeting on campus, and then I spent the afternoon working. I finished a calculation that gave me a pretty result. Prettier than I was expecting, but not pretty enough to be beautiful. In particular, there were three terms that just looked suspicious. Regardless, I was pleased at having completed the calculation, but noted that I should do it again as a cross-check. In the evening, I did a quick spot of shopping and picked up some parcels, and began doing that calculation again. I ended up with a similar result. At least, 4 terms were identical, one of the suspicious terms became pretty, and two of the suspicious terms turned into different suspicious terms. Now, I’m fairly sure I did a better job of it this second time, but now I need to run through it a third time to convince myself absolutely that this is correct 🙂 But that’s a job for the weekend. I’m fairly happy with my progress this week; it looks like I’ll finish the calculation that had been bogging me down for a month this weekend! Yay progress!

Today (Saturday) is my brother Jarrah’s birthday. My family was having a birthday lunch at home, and wanted me to drop in on skype to join them. My sister, who is in Brisbane at the moment, also joined in via skype. The two of us agreed that it’s not very nice to make a big lunch and then sit there and eat it while we watch 😉

The rest of Friday night, Ifni and I had fun playing with MapTools (a program for, funnily enough, making maps :)).

This weekend, there’s a dance downtown tonight that I thought I’d go to. I also want to finish up this long calculation that I’ve been doing, and call it done. Depending on the weather, I might go skiing tomorrow, or I might go to yoga, which I haven’t been to in a long time. But first, lunch!

Oh, one last thing. There’s been a lot of talk of the nuclear issues that Japan is currently facing. As a response to this, a lot of people are shying away from nuclear power altogether, which I argue strongly is the wrong reaction. I found a nice laymens discussion on the dangers of nuclear power on the BBC news today. Go and read it 🙂

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