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The past week or so has been really rather busy for me, and I haven’t found the time to blog, alas. Here’s a few of the highlights from the week gone by:

Grad Ball! On Friday night, I took Aris to the grad ball at Cornell, where we had a lovely evening. Most of the photos didn’t turn out well, but here is a gorgeous picture of Ekaterin:

I have this photo printed out and sitting on my desk in a nice frame 🙂

In other news, on Thursday evenings, I’ve been playing in a bridge tournament. We’ve been doing well so far, although tonight’s victory was what is known as a “matchpoing victory” (effectively a draw). We’re coming in second on the leaderboard currently, just behind the team we played this evening. I like our chances though. Two silly errors by me tonight were expensive, one by a teammate. Ah well.

This week, I spent an inordinate amount of time grading. I finally finished it all this morning, and can now sit down and do some serious work. Yay!

The Expanding Your Horizons conference is only a week and a bit away. The organising committee has about thirty people in it, and I’m the volunteer coordinator. That means that I’m about to have almost a thousand emails go through my inbox in the next week or so. I’m not looking forward to it. Tomorrow will be mostly spent doing organisational stuff for it. Why did I say I’d do this? I can’t remember… but I do remember thinking at the end of last year’s conference that it was a really valuable experience for all involved, and wanted to play a larger role in organising it this year.

It’s finally getting warmer, and I can ride my bike around campus once again. This weekend, I’ve got the Ithaca Bridge Tournament on Saturday, followed by a quickstep lesson courtesy of the Cornell Ballroom Dancing Club. On Sunday I’ve got my usual swing dance class, where we’ll be working on West Coast Swing, which I’m rather enjoying. Sometime this weekend, I need to do my US taxes… Not looking forward to it (although really, it’s not all that bad).

Ok, bedtime now. I’ll try and post more regularly, promise!

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