Do your taxes!

I spent this evening doing my US Federal and State taxes. It took me about three hours. Done now. Enough said 🙂

This weekend was busy and enjoyable, but not particularly productive. On Saturday, I played in the Ithaca Bridge Tournament. I had a good partner, and even though we’d only ever played 24 boards together previously, we came in second overall. We didn’t do anything particularly stunning, but our defense was decent, we didn’t have any bidding misunderstandings, and we played well consistently (at least, I think). In the pair that came in first, one of the players was an ex-professional player, so I was satisfied 😉 There were some interesting hands and auctions, and after I’ve gone through and dissected them, I might post a couple here. We played two sessions of 27 hands in a 10 pair Howell movement, which is just a fancy way of saying we played every other pair for six hands. In the second session, we defended 19 of the 27 hands, which was incredibly tiring. Six of the hands we declared were in the last 9 boards, and by that time, we were both flagging. I got to declare the very last hand, and stretching for a 4S bid, I misdeclared a relatively straightforward hand to go down one (and of course, kicked myself afterwards) 🙁 Regardless, an enjoyable competition.

Last night, I slept well. What can I say? 😉

Today I went to a foxtrot lesson with the ballroom club, where I learnt that I know nothing about international foxtrot. After that, I ran off to my swing lesson, where the pace was much, much slower. I prefer somewhere in between, just personally 😉 I did a spot of shopping afterwards, and followed that up with some singing practise for choir. Then, dinner, laundry, and taxes. Now, it’s bedtime 🙂 Goodnight all!

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