Remember how tiring a conference is

So, my talk was this morning. It went well – I even had extra time at the end. Comments were complimentary, and there were some good questions afterwards that I should investigate further. The rest of the conference was enjoyable today. I went to a variety of talks, ranging from gravitational physics to neutrino physics. I’m looking forward to tomorrow – Raman Sundrum is giving one of the invited talks, which should be good.

I went to one of the grad student events today – “lunch with an expert”. Two years ago, I remember feeling rather young at this event, feeling like I didn’t know anything. Today, I felt like I was an old hat there, contributing to the discussion and noticing how awkward the younger students were looking.

Otherwise, I’ve enjoyed meeting new people, catching up with some old acquaintances, and otherwise getting my brain fried by thinking about too much physics. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy conferences, as well as how mentally exhausting it can be.

Sleepy time now. Tomorrow evening, one of my colleagues and I plan to rent a car and drive to the beach to catch the sunset across the Pacific ocean, before we fly home on Tuesday morning. Sounds good to me.

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