Still sickly :(

I was hoping my throat would get better over the past couple of days. And, indeed, it has – at the expense of my chest. What was just a throat irritation is now a good chesty cough, unfortunately. Still have a feeling of general malaise, but I guess I’m holding up for the moment.

A few things to report over the past couple of days. Firstly, the bridge tournament continued on Thursday night, where Cornell once again crushed the opposition. Not quite as much crushing as I might like, especially since 2/3 of the bad boards were my fault (although I feel justified in blaming partner for one of them 😉 ). It’s uncertain as to whether we’ll make the finals at this stage; we’re certainly in the top six teams. I’d put us in fourth on my optimistic reading of the numbers, but you could also read us as being in sixth place too. The ambiguity comes from some noshows on various weeks, with one of the weaker teams not playing the strongest team, and thus having an artificially inflated average score. We’ll see how it pans out soon, I guess.

Yesterday was the annual Slope Day at Cornell. It’s the last day of “classes”, where nobody goes to class, and instead a big concert is put on the “slope” (there is such a location on campus 🙂 ). Despite predictions of rain, the weather turned out beautifully yesterday, and there was a big crowd. I wasn’t so much a fan of the music (rap), but the atmosphere was vibrant, and I ran into a variety of friends. Wasn’t feeling particularly great though, and so came home to rest, and ended up playing the piano for about two hours.

Last night, I was invited to go bowling with the crowd I’ve been bowling with of late, about once a month. I ended up bowling five games, with all the scores above 100, including a personal best of 133. I was proud 🙂 For the 133, I had 3 spares, two strikes, and six nines. Apparently you do get better at bowling with practise. Funny that, eh?

This weekend I’ll be taking things quietly. On my list of things to do are cleaning, a small amount of work, shopping, and resting. I felt rather loved this morning, as I had three friends message me, which is basically unheard of. Thanks, guys 🙂

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