Get Better

Today is the first day that I’ve really felt a lot better. Although the weather outside was beautiful, I spent most of it inside, writing the solutions to the general relativity exam that is currently ongoing. I made a mistake somewhere in the afternoon and accidentally dropped a term, which caused me a couple of extra hours’ work, alas. No bridge tonight – we’re done with the league for the moment. However, we have made it into the finals, and so I look forward to reporting on how that goes. For the Thursday night bracket, there were 7 teams, and we came in a very clear second, by a fair margin on both sides. First place there went to University of Chicago. In the Friday night bracket, there were three teams basially tied for first: Unversity of Michigan, Stanford University, and University of North Carolina. They all scored about as well as we did. I look forward to the finals 🙂

I really don’t know that I have all that much else to say, other than “Platypus!”

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