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I’m done! Done done! With my semesterly duties, at any rate. Now, I can get stuck back into research without distractions! Yay!

The last thing I needed to do was to write the solutions for and grade the final homework for the general relativity course. It just turned out that the final homework was a right royal pain, and most certainly obeyed the 80-20 rule. My final solution set came out to 20 pages of typed up notes, and I’m very glad that I finished that. Tonight, I went to the library and told myself that I wasn’t leaving until I was done grading those papers; I finished at 1:15. Ekaterin was in the library grading too, except that she expects to be there until well past daylight.

The weather this past week has been rainy. Very rainy. Every day. However, just this evening, it was absolutely beautiful outside as I walked home at 2 am. A fine mist lingered across the campus, and although it was overcast, it wasn’t raining, and that just made for a lovely temperature and surreal feeling as I walked home. Somebody has strung up christmas lights along a bridge across one of the gorges; they’re being powered by batteries, and they look lovely. Ah, such a good mood just now 🙂

I think I’ll take off the next couple of days (Thursday and Friday), and just do administrivia, and otherwise enjoy life for a bit, before settling down to get work done in earnest come Monday. I’ve got a number of friends who are leaving over the next few days too, so I’d like to spend time with them. It’s kind of strange to think of the current graduating undergrad class. I’ve taught a number of them, but I only developed a relationship with a small handful of them. They started at Cornell the same time I did, bright, young and starry eyed, and now they’re finished, moving on to bigger things. Quite touching, really.

Here is a video tribute by some of the graduating students (I don’t know these students in particular, but the video is well worth watching – in fact, I insist that you go and observe it now!).

And, finally, a physics question. Actually, more of a phsyics joke. Enjoy.

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