Enjoy the sun!

The past three days, I have done no work. It has been wonderful 🙂 Don’t worry, I fully plan to get stuck back into things come Monday. I just felt like I needed a mini holiday first.

Yesterday, on a whim, I wanted to buy a frisbee. And so I did. I am now the proud owner of a frisbee. Today has been pretty good. Actually, scrub that. Today has been really quite good. It started out with some piano practise. Mostly on the Rachmaninov Vocalise, although I pulled out some old pieces just to give them a bash, too. Afterwards, my housemate and I declared the weather to be “sublime”, and so we took my frisbee down to the park by the lake and threw it around for a while. We followed this by a quick trip to the shops to get some groceries (mmm babaganoush!).

After shopping, I went and helped Ekaterin move house for a few hours. I did so much lifting and carrying! She was moving from the third floor of one house to the third floor of another, about two kilometres away. Regardless, it was good to be active and exercising and helpful all at the same time. At her new house, a skunk came out to say hi to us. It was quite happy to just munch on something only a couple of metres away, not worried at all by our presence. I’ve seen skunks here before, but only ever fleetingly, and never so close. I was excited 😉

After moving, I went home, showered, had a quick dinner, and then headed out to a dance recital that Seri had invited me to. The recital itself was enjoyable, and then there was a party afterwards, because the teacher is leaving town. I enjoyed the party, and got to dance with some friends I see rarely, which was nice. However, I was once again hot and sweaty, for the third time today. I can’t remember ever taking three showers in the one day before, but it appears that I’m going to do so today! Hmm, if I take the third shower after midnight, does that count as the same day still? 😉

Otherwise, I’m now back home. Tomorrow I’ve got yoga in the morning, I’m dropping off Aris at the airport in the afternoon, and Ekaterin is coming over for dinner in the evening. A good weekend!

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