Back to Work

Not much to report for today. I went to school and did some work. Most of the day, I was in one of the libraries. Given the sudden dearth of undergraduates, the place was almost empty, and I was able to nab one of the nicest seats in the house – a lovely couch in a beautiful room, right in front of a window overlooking the Slope and the lake. It was lovely, until the library also noticed the dearth of undergraduates and decided to close at 5 pm, instead of their usual 24 hour acccess 🙂

Yesterday was a lovely social day. It started out with yoga in the morning followed by lunch with the crew, then bubble tea with Aris before dropping her off at the airport, and rounded out with dinner with Ekaterin, who is headed off to Australia for a holiday. Given that a number of my physics friends are also away at the moment, this is going to be a fairly boring and hopefully productive week 😉

Otherwise, the prophecised “Rapture” didn’t occur on Saturday night, much to the relief of physicists, who would have had a hard time explaining it. Here is my favourite take on the turn of events.

Otherwise, for the rest of this evening, I’ll be filing away papers that have accumulated over the past few months, and generally getting work done.

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