Enjoy a party

Tomorrow is my birthday. Tonight was my birthday party. It was a private and intimate affair, with only Ekaterin and Aris coming over. We enjoyed wonderful food and excellent conversation. Given that it was my party, I decided to go for an Australian theme. I’ve been cooking the past few days, and Ekaterin had brought back some Australian goodies from her recent trip, and so we enjoyed bubble and squeak on buns, complete with pineapple (I forgot to get beetroot), Pizza Shapes (oh how I’ve missed thee!), Vegemite, and Weetbix for our main course. Of course, the only thing there that I cooked was the bubble and squeak. For dessert, we had Timtams, Jellybabies, Minties, and the bulk of my cooking – Lamingtons, Pavlova, and Anzac Cookies (we used the pavlova for my birthday cake). We washed it all down with Lemon, Lime and Bitters, as well as a lovely Jacob’s Creek red wine (also Australian, if you hadn’t guessed). I also had Milo available, but we were all too stuffed to enjoy that too. Towards the end of the evening, I taught my American friends how to dance the Nutbush. It was a lovely evening, and I am very grateful for the wonderful close friends I have here.

Here is a lovely photo of myself and Ekaterin from the eve. Yes, I’ve done a dodgy redeye reduction on the photo, but it needed it.

If anybody wants any lamingtons, I’ve got tonnes left over here…

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