Do something unusual

Well, unusual for me, at least. This afternoon, I decided to start my summer workout plan by heading to one of Cornell’s pools and doing some laps. Coming from Australia, I used to be a decent swimmer. Of late though, I’ve noticed that my lung capacity is much reduced, and my ability to hold my breath underwater correspondingly diminished. It’s been a long time since I did laps in a pool, and I figure it’s a good way to get some exercise.

The pool that I went to was only 25 metres long, in six lanes. I discovered that two laps (50 m) was sufficient to get me quite winded, rather shamefully. As noted above, my breathing is way off what it should be for swimming, and my stamina, well, it’s kind of non-existent. Regardless, I swam my way to 500 metres (20 laps) before the session was over (a bit under half an hour). When I was in shape, half an hour would be enough for about 1500 metres, so I have a fair bit of work to do. I came home and was ravenous, eating my way through almost two dinner’s worth of food. I’m planning on swimming in the mornings on weekdays, as that’s when the pool is open. Perhaps by the end of summer, I’ll be back up to my 1500 metres again. So long as I just do two extra laps every time I go, I should be there in a month, right?

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