Finish up a week of swimming

I got up early this morning, earlier than usual, with the aim of getting to the pool a little earlier than before, and shooting for the 70 lap mile. Alas, it was raining this morning, so instead of biking in, I walked with an umbrella, and was only there five minutes or so earlier than I have been getting there. Nevertheless, I dived in and started my laps. At about the halfway mark, I realised that I was going to be on quite a time crunch, and started timing my laps. It turned out that I could do two laps every minute, but even that was going to bring me up a little short… After twenty laps of freestyle, another ten of backstroke, ten more of freestyle, and ten of breaststroke, I’d reached 50, and I had about eight minutes to go before the pool closed. Flagging by now, I started swimming two freestyle, two breaststroke and alternating, without pausing for a break between laps. Thus, I made it to 66 laps before being asked to leave… Grumble. If you’d let me have two more minutes, I could have swum my mile!

So, this week, we have 20+30+50+46+66 laps, for a grand total of 212 laps, or about 4.75 km. That’s further than I’ve swum in the past nine years combined, I’m sure. Next week, I’m going to shoot for a mile each swim, but I think I’ll only go Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Expending so much energy in the morning kind of makes my body rather weary!

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