Sleep In!

Today, I slept in. It felt rather nice to sleep through the morning, rather than getting up at 8 am to expend all the precious energy that my body recovered over the past eight hours by going to the pool 🙂

There’s some exciting news today. Firstly, we have New York legalising gay marriage (see here, for example).

Secondly, the physics department has decided to award me with a fellowship to cover my final semester at Cornell. Apparently there’s a fellowship for 5th year international students, and my advisor argued my case 🙂 I had no idea it existed until this morning.

Otherwise, my research work continues apace, and yesterday I managed to pull out the charged black hole version of the diagram I posted yesterday. Well, I don’t have the diagram itself yet; it’s a bit harder to derive and I haven’t yet figured all the details out, but I have the embedding of the green lines (or their equivalent), which I was rather proud to find. I plan to do a few more calculations over the weekend to pull out the desired details, and then start writing 🙂

The rest of the day was fairly uninteresting. I did some shopping, cooked dinner, had a relaxing evening, and caught up with Ifni. Tomorrow morning is yoga, which I’m looking forward to after giving my body a thorough workout with swimming all week.

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