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Just a quick post tonight. Yesterday was yoga in the morning. It was intense, and I may have been a little overambitious in one of the strange poses, and did something that wasn’t so good for my back. I spent the evening talking to Seri, which was lovely.

This morning, I got to the pool nice and bright and early, and did my mile, finally! It took about 41 minutes. We’ll see if I can beat that on Wednesday 🙂 Rest of the day was good and productive. I got to the chiropractor, who straightened me out a fair bit (it’s no longer painful, is the most important part!). In the evening, I went dancing with Ekaterin, which was lovely. She’s teaching me Waltz and Quickstep; I’m teaching her West Coast Swing.

A paper came out on the arXiv tonight that was stupid and wrong and cited my supervisor’s paper and disagreed with it because they didn’t know what they were talking about. This annoyed me somewhat, and is the only reason I’m still awake now, because I spent about half an hour constructing a nice long email to them explaining exactly how and why they were wrong. I felt that I should be standing up for my supervisor’s paper. It was a very pretty paper, and moreover, it was correct 🙂 (The arXiv is a website where physics papers are put before they’re published, basically so that everyone can see what’s happening as soon as it happens, rather than when the slow publication process is finished)

Otherwise, bed now. Yoga at 7 am tomorrow. I’m looking forward to group meeting tomorrow, too. I’ve got lots to talk about 🙂

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