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Alas, I have been lax in posting here these past few weeks. Honestly, there hasn’t been all that much to about. For the first half of July, my life was dominated by physics and exercise, in the form of running, swimming and yoga. Really, nothing interesting, although I did have a lovely picnic with Ekaterin one evening.

This past week, however, has been quite different. It’s just been dominated by physics. I’m in Princeton at the moment, for the Prospects in Theoretical Physics workshop, which is essentially a summer school on cosmology for graduate students. I’ve met a number of people here which has been nice, and learnt a lot too. We’ve been given homework that we’re not expected to complete all of; I spent every night this past week staying up until midnight working on the problems. So, dominated by physics.

Yesterday was Saturday, and I took the opportunity to sleep in and take the day off. I did some laundry and went out to dinner, and that was about the extent of my day. Today, I went to the beach. For some reason, nobody else wanted to come with me, so I went alone. I drove about an hour East to Ocean Grove/Asbury Park. It was a beautiful day for the beach, and I made sure to buy some suncream before hiting the sand. Things were a little different at this beach than I’m used to, coming from Australia. Firstly, you needed to pay to get on the beach – you had to buy a badge for $6 before they’d let you on. Secondly, the water was really flat. Flat enough to do laps (which I did a bit of). There was a little bit of waves right in near the shore, and I attempted to remember how to body surf there, but really, nothing to write home about. Only to blog about 😉 I spent about two hours in the water, came out and got lunch, waited for my food to digest for a bit, and then spent another hour and a half in the water. I remembered to reapply suncream after lunch, but I apaprently was a little careless in the application, and my shoulders are a little burnt. That’s ok – it’s the first time I’ve been sunburnt in five years. I’m sure my skin appreciates the vitamin D, regardless.

I’m unexpectedly tired out from my day at the beach, so I think it will be an early night tonight. The workshop continues for the coming week; I’ll leave for home on Saturday. I expect to be kept busy again, so don’t hold your breath for another post any time soon.

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  1. niroz says:

    I doubt your skin appreciates the extra vit D, you only need 10-20 minutes of exposure per day roughly.

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