Lakeside frivolities

No, they haven’t happened yet. But they will happen. Assuming I can get somebody, anybody to come with me? For some reason, I’ve only heard back from a couple of the friends who I emailed, and all those who have replied said they couldn’t make it. Very sad. We’ll see what happens.

Otherwise, I had dinner with Ekaterin yesterday evening. It was good to catch up on our two and a bit weeks 🙂 My mum is setting up a psychology practice in Canberra. She’s trying to get together a brochure, letterhead, business card and website. The cost of paying somebody else to do so is fairly exhorbitant, so I’ve been helping out. Last night, we essentially finalised the brochure, letterhead and business card, after much arguing with Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Publisher. I think they look pretty good now. I’ve been working on and off on the website for a bit now; hopefully we’ll be able to finalise that this weekend.

Today, I’ve been grappling with a research problem. I think I’ve boiled it down to its essential components, and now I need to figure out a way of understanding exactly how it works.

Otherwise, here is your link for today. This is a comic that I read every now and again. In this particular strip, the author is commenting on something that has annoyed me with US politics, raises a couple of salient points, and delivers a nice satirical punchline 🙂

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