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Make a Snowman!

Well, there’s a lot to say today. I think I’ll start with yesterday though. Yesterday was a fairly normal school day. I spent most of it playing with Mathematica, learning various things about it. I found it slightly amusing that … Continue reading

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Report on Canada so far

I’ve been out of internet access for the past few days, and so I guess I should catch up. On Sunday (Boxing Day), I cleaned my house, did my laundry, packed my bags and car, and drove up to Montreal. … Continue reading

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It Snows!

It was December 1st today. And finally, we got a good dump of snow here in Ithaca. I always enjoy the first big snowdump of the year, even if it is wet slushy snow. It just changes the scenery completely, … Continue reading

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Be Cultured

This evening, there was a choral concert on campus by the (aptly named) Chorale Society. At least, that’s what I think it’s called. I knew a few people in the choir, so I thought I’d dress up nicely and go … Continue reading

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A beautiful Saturday

The weather today was unprecedently beautiful for mid November. The temperature almost reached 20 Celsius it was so lovely. I decided to make the most of the afternoon weather by going for a run. My housemates were picnicing down by … Continue reading

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It Starts

Indeed it does. Perhaps “It” can be defined as November, or maybe something even more esoteric. But alas, no, I am simply referring to snow. The first iceflakes were seen falling in Ithaca yesterday, very briefly. Today there were more … Continue reading

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Brr and Iceskating!

So, when I look at my little outside thermometer and it says “-2 degrees celsius!”, I should really dress up, you know. It’s actually colder than that, because the thermometer is right up against the house, and thus picks up … Continue reading

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Dawn of a New Week

Mmm, not much to write about at the moment. Last night I had a dream that I got another speeding ticket. I found that idea a bit scary. I played bridge tonight; we had a pretty bad night: -147 Imps. … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Today it was snowing with big snowflakes. Of course, I’m excited about the prospect of snow! But it wasn’t predicted, and I had to ride my bike in it… and I’m also tired, after having spent a late night grading … Continue reading

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Finally, Snow!

Wednesday, and it’s snowing. Beautiful! It was really nice to awake this morning to see little white flakes falling outside. There was snow yesterday, but very brief and very light. Today, it’s been snowing for a goodly number of hours. … Continue reading

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