I often use the internet to find recipes for various things. I will typically end up bookmarking them, and then losing the bookmark in my useless pile of bookmarks. Instead, I’ve decided to link any that I think bear repeating here, so you too can enjoy whatever strange concoctions I find.

Mediterranean Stuffed Zucchini. One of my friends invited me to pick up their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) collection one week while they were out of town. We ended up picking up a bunch of large zucchinis, and made this with them. It turned out really, really well.

Carrot Cake. This time, I decided to write out my variation on the recipe on my blog. It turns out really well!

Curry with Tofu and Sweet Potato. Another recipe conveniently located here on my blog. Quite a good serving of vegetables here, and a lovely use of tofu. I recommend it! (Well, if I didn’t recommend it, it wouldn’t be here, would it?)

Lentils. My parents always cooked up simple but tasty lentil dishes. This is my attempt to reproduce some of that cooking!

Blueberry Muffins. A recipe that I got from a friend, who specialises in making delightful muffins. Highly recommended!

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